Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Typical Dinner Attire!!!

Tuesday, I went to step class (haven't gone in a while) and got my butt kicked! It felt great! Thanks Jen! Then We were suppose to go to the pool but the kids were having a major attitude prob., so to adjust that... we cleaned the house!

Now for the fun part! We had the Hatch kids over and had a blast! They are the sweetest kids! They played on the wii. computer games, trampoline, did home movies, a fashion show and even helped make dinner! After that we went for a night swim. But that was not all! I have been wanting to set up a tent for the kids to sleep outside and we did just that! Ahhhh! To be a kid again:)
Wii Love to Play

The Fabulous Fashion Show

Nina Helps Make Dinner!
Make Your Own Taco Night!

Night Swimming and Mary Jo :)

Outdoor Sleepover!


Ward Beach Day

Some of the women in the ward go to the beach every Wed. and I thought that I would try it out! the kids had a blast and I was able to do something more than sit and nurse a baby.

We all got burned in the oddest places. I got really burned on my knees and ears, and anywhere else that I didn't apply sunscreen in large amounts.

I think I like going to the beach later in the day when the sun isn't sooo intense. I am just too fair skinned!

Kick butt Mommy and Hadley look sooooo cute in their beach hats!

The girls and kids hangin' out @ the beach!

Our Little Mermaid Charlotte

Surfer Scott

Hunter Gatherer Samuel

Sam tries to collect pieces of shell, and make fire!

Jack liked the beach as long as he was asleep, being nursed by mom, and under a blanket!

Self Portrait:

of Nina in the car on the way home from the beach!

Me! Calling for directions!


joyous said...

That contagious laughter clip is HILARIOUS!! At first I thought, this isn't that funny, but soon enough I couldn't help myself. That little old man had the weirdest laugh!!!

And I know what you mean about the beach. The moms in our ward go around noon every week. It about kills me, but I'm trying to take advantage of the five minute drive and it's way more fun to go with other people than by myself.

KickButtMommy said...

Looks a fun and action packed week you have had!

nana said...

The home video was wonderful!! The music was perfect!!!!

Christina said...

Mary, I love the video on the side. I watched it the other day and didn't have the volume on. It made such a difference to her Sheryl Crow's song. I loved to see Charlotte bow at the end and the kids saying our family is crazy. It really makes you appreciate what a beautiful family you have.