Friday, July 27, 2007

The day started off early with Sam waking up with a fever! I Hate Fevers!!! I get so paranoid! It was off to the shower to cool him off with a dose of Motrin and then a cool rag on the head while he watched a movie! Yet another day with little sleep!

Jack snuggles up to Nina!
The girls have been so helpful this past week that I decided to let them pick out a toy! They picked out baby dolls! They helped (the boys helped a little too) clean the house for the Missionaries! We had them over for dinner.
The thing about letting kids help clean is you have to let the quality bar drop a bit until they get the hang of it! I am hoping that it can be raised in a few years! Also managing the kids is harder than just doing it myself but I have to persevere if I want them to someday be self sufficient!

Nina and Charlotte with their new dolls!

The Girls Help Clean!

Jack-Jack loves to play on his piano!


Christina said...

Jack-Jack is soooo cute and cuddly looking. I just want to pick him up and kiss his chubba bubbiness. He does look like he's leaning out a little since I last saw him. It's great you are trying to instill a work ethic with your kids. Of course the girls are the ones who end up doing the work(remember when we were the ones). I'm glad they got rewarded with cute dolls.

KickButtMommy said...

I agree. Getting kids to do jobs is frustrating, but they need to learn it.

Mandy said...

Love the pictures! Jack is sitting up so well!