Friday, July 13, 2007

Super size Me!!!

Staying at home with a fussy baby and 4 other restless kids was driving me crazy!
So, I ventured out to my Mom's house!
There I met up with Mom, Sis and 2 of the Jolly Green Giants (see my sisters NEW blog for lunch at Mc E D's!!!
Nana You're the Best!!!

Scott and Nana!

Our Little Pixie!

Charlotte loves to put stickers on her cheek to look like Lena in the Fairytopia movies. She had to put one on the faces of all the girls at Mc E D's!!!

Auntie loves Hello Kitty soooooo much but she was willing to part with her prize for Charlotte!
You are So CUTE Auntie!!!


Thumbs up for a great day at McDonalds!!!

After Mc D's we hung out at the house and my sister started her blog, we saw Age of Love (titillating) and Traveler over the Internet(great fast paced new show). Check out all the shows you can see on line at and
Nina took this picture of Charlotte. She is quite the photographer I must say!!! She now wants to be an artist or photographer and I told her that that was a great idea. She can have it both ways, a fulfilling part-time career and still stay at home and be an actual MOM to her kids(rare these days and most likely rarer when she gets older).

What a day!

Rick is...

The Best Darn Smoothie Maker

See you tomorrow for another


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KickButtMommy said...

Mary you take such fun pictures! I love them. Looks like you had a fun day in spite of that cute little sick guy! Good for you!