Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jack-Jack Attack!!!

Still Home Bound
Baby is still sick but is getting better. He was actually happy for long spurts. He had a bath, got a hair cut ( he had a really bad comb over...I didn't want his first words to be... "You're Fired!") and played with the kids. We were even able to clean the house!

Happy!!!If Only For A Moment

When Rick got home the party started!!! We had dinner (I call then quesodillas but they are just fried bean and cheese burritos) and then family karaoke (impromptu FHE)!!!
Smokin' Hot!!!

Look Out Kelly Clarkson!

Miss Independent is right here!!!

Scott is in the House!!!

Quiet Sam can Rock out!!!

Chanteuse Charlotte has sol!!!

I'm so in Love with Karaoke!!!

Thanks for Visiting and catching up with Olsen's 7!

Hope We Put a Littel Song in Your Heart Today!!

See you tomorrow for another adventure!!!


KickButtMommy said...

Nina looks so much like you in that last pic! Looks like a fun FHE! We have never treid Kareoke with the kids!

Sara said...

So sorry to hear Jack is sick! You know, Katie woke up with a fever on Monday and here it is Thursday and it's finally starting to go down. It's been a rough few days. I dropped Mason off at my In-Laws today so that he can have a fun day and not be stuck inside going crazy. Hope Jack starts feeling better soon!