Friday, July 6, 2007

Today was a lazy day. We played our favorite family game, Webkinz, bathed and played with baby Jack-Jack, picked up the house and cut Samuel's hair!!! Yeah! Finally!!! He wanted a Summer Mohawk (so I let him have a little one)!!! Scott's at Nana's for his special time (he got to play on the computer without having to share with anyone and saw The new movie Transformers (he said that it was "AWESOME!!!").


KickButtMommy said...

Cute haircut! Sounds like a nice day!

Toni said...

Hey sissy

So my brother is turning you into a techno geek too huh? JK! This is a cute idea of yours! I'm excited to see what you do with yourself. the pics are fab and I'm way thrilled to see more! Thanks for letting us come visit!