Monday, July 30, 2007


Jack Has a Tooth!!!

Nina asked if he was old enough to have teeth and then said that she felt one. Sure enough he has a tooth! Out little boy is growing up too fast! He sits up on his own, scoots backwards, goes up on his hands and knees and rocks, makes raspberries (just started that yesterday), says momma and dadda and recognizes dadda for his Daddy! We even have him in his own bed for part of the night!
Making Room For Baby!
We re-arranged the boys room so it would feel less crowded now that the port-a-crib is in there too!

Company's Coming! Hurry and Clean!
That's one way to get my kids to clean! Scott makes the best P&J! He made lunch while everyone else cleaned!

My First Digi Scrapbook Page!

Mandy came over to teach me how to digital scrapbook! I am so excited and a little over whelmed! It is so much to take in at once but I can't wait to toss out my old scrapbooking stuff and have less clutter!
My big sis' inspired me and the girls! They asked me to make doll clothes for their new dolls. Nina went in the garage, got out the fabric and was ready to go! I am a bit rusty but the concept and pattern was created fairly quickly (it's not a difficult pattern to make up...I was not about to go crazy). It turned out really cute and Charlotte now wants another dress tomorrow! I doubt that, with preparing and having scouts tomorrow!!!

The girls wanted a mexican flair for a hair pretty!

Rick Mows The Lawn
Rick was so awesome! He helped me on the computer, with the baby while Mandy was over,move furniture around, cleaned the house with the kids and I, made frappes, fixed lights, yard work....What a stud!!!

Sam plays around with the camera!

He took the pix of me today! He's only 6 yrs. He's pretty good! I think the mouth shot is cool!


KickButtMommy said...

That dress does not look simple to me! How do you know how to do so many things? I don't get it! Love your first digpage!

Christina said...

Mary, you put my clown pants to shame. The doll dress is soooo cute. Sam's picture of the inside anatomy of Scott's mouth is both awesome and frightening at the same time. Looks like Scott is in good health, tonsils don't look enlarged and he doesn't have thrush. I miss you and hope to visit you this week. I have to get over there before Jack-Jack goes on a mission(he's growing up way too fast).

nana said...

Your doll dress is adorable!! And Jack is growing up way too fast. A tooth and now he's in the boys room too. Love ya!

Olsen's 7 said...

Rick said...
I would rather be eating sushi! |)

The frapp├ęs were delicious! If I do say so myself.