Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've Got 3 Days To Catch Up On!

Our little garden is growing and producing!

Family Bike Ride!!!

Rick took Nina, Charlotte and Sam on a little bike ride while he tested out his new wheels!!!
Nina has been waiting 4-ever to go on a bike ride!

Charlotte got a little boo boo and required Doc. Mom's assistance!

Keepin' Jack o' Happy is a chore!

We finally got the crew in the car and headed off to church!!!

We had the Myers over for dessert! I made brioche again, this time with less butter (I decided the more butter the better) and I added chocolate chips (that was awesome and the only way to do it!!!)

I made sure to take a picture this time before it was devoured!

We had fun playing wii (Jen kicked butt) played card games, had ice cream and Jens perfectly awesome chocolate chip cookies!!! The kids got along great, so we were able to fully enjoy the evening!

I am trying to loose weight so I went to Jen's aerobic class and Jack found a playmate. Isn't she cute!!!

More Art Lessons for the kids!!!

I got to paint a picture all by myself!!!

My kids usually want to finish or take over for me when I try and draw.

Nina took these pix of me! Isn't she getting good!
Nina and Sam paint too!

Keeping baby happy is a full time job!

The boys take a brake from their wii marathon!!!

Biker Baby!!!
Daddy bought Jack-o a bike helmet and seat so that we can go on family bike rides!

He was not happy at first about it!

I like this blogging thing! It helps me to realize that my life isn't just diapers, laundry, cooking and cleaning! We do have fun!!!
Hope you had fun too! See you again soon!!!

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KickButtMommy said...

Looks like so much fun Mary! We will have to go on a double family bike ride!