Thursday, January 29, 2009

Present Meets Future

Just wanted to share a little epiphany I had while struggling to run 3 miles a day for the past couple of days. While running I envisioned myself finishing the 3 miles and writing about it. I kept telling myself that I only had 30 more minutes, 10 more etc. until I reached my goal... until I reached my future. I started saying to myself that "Present meets Future" in 20 minutes, 10 minutes, etc as I journeyed through the run. It made me feel so alive and in control (as much as one can be) of myself and my future outcome! I was making my own present and future collide. With determination and an eye set on a goal we can all make our own "Present meet the Future" in what ever goal we set. Whether it be personal, family oriented or religious, we can make the "Present meet the Future" and celebrate in the steps to get their. When I get on the right path and realize the joy in the journey I feel more alive, confident and successful in even the smallest of achievements. These little successes prepare me for the more challenging trials ahead. I hope this helped. It helped me and hopefully my children in their journey though this amazing thing called life.

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