Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Life Coaching? You Need It!

I have to give a shout out to John Henshaw, my Life Coach, friend and father. He has been a life coach all his life. When ever we would sit down for family meetings or one-on-one Dad time he would always ask, "What are your goals?" He is always coaching his children and helping them as well as others attain their goals! That's John Henshaw! When I was a child he would be my life coach in any thing that I decided to do. When I was on the track team and wanted to improve my time, he would help me map out my training, envision the finish line and obtain my goal. You may think that I was an only child with how much individual attention I got. No! I was one of 4 kids! We were all given that special attention. His goal was and is to help his family succeed. He took class after class to perfect his Life Coaching talent. He has tried many new, innovative ideas and concepts with us. He has perfected the art. But that does not stop him! He continues to pursue new ideas and concepts even now. His knowledge and life energy are so powerful, you can't help but have it rub off on you.
Through my journey writing this book he has been there. Coaching me and motivating me. His excitement and energy has rubbed off on to me and I am ready to succeed. I envision that finish line and ready to achieve my goal. Thanks Dad. You can check him out on Linkedin under John Henshaw Professional Coach & Organizational Development Specialist at Northrop Grumman.

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