Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mormon Mommy Writers

I've just been invited to contribute to Mormon Mommy writers at . The sharing ideas thing is really fun. It is what I've been praying for for the past year. So come check it out :)

I changed my blog back ground. Let me know what you think! I'll most likely will change it again soon. It needs some more tweaking to get it just right but I was excited that I could do it myself, sans the aid of my computer genius hubby! My daughter does not like the header. She wants it to still say olsens7. So that must go!

My kids mean a lot to me and I love sharing about them and with them. I love involving them in this whole writing process. My children have been models in my book, my oldest son Scott (he is a 10 year old genius for naming things) has helped me title several of my books as well as projects, they have been giving me creative ideas for my projects etc. They are my little muses (along with my totally awesome rad agent, Emmanuelle). This has been a family process and we have grown closer together by listening and appreciating each others ideas.

My agent just sent out the finished proposal to publishers, so we will be hearing back sometime next week. Keep your fingers crossed :)

One last thing before I go and I am almost affraid to admit this new one, but what the heck! I have been wanting to do this ever since my aunt Judy ran one when I was a child. (Maybe it will make me have to do it now that I told the world!) I am begining to train for the L.A. marathon. My marathon group says that I have enough time to train. At 18 weeks, I'm having some doubts. I am sooooo out of shape. But at least I will get in shape if not for this one then the next soonest one for sure.

In the mean time, back to laundry, dinners, homework, my 2 jobs etc. :)


Melinda said...

Yippee!!! I know you can do it!

Sara said...

Mary, You're wonderwoman! Five kids, a book in the works, you're a creative genius, and now a marathon! You're my hero.

joyous said...

Woot!! So fun!! I read all your stuff on the MMM blog too. I LOVE the background in the middle with your logo, very cool. Keep on chuggin!