Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bandana Girl

Just started this blog, for the re-launch of my latest book: Bandana Girl, 118 fun and fashionable bandana creations! (working title). I finally finished and sent out queries for Tie It Up, I am awaiting 3 agents response. My friend Sarah, a writer, said that I needed to wait patiently on the agents to respond (a book I am reading said up to 2 weeks) and write the next book in the mean time, in order to not go crazy! So I took her advice and I am back in the game! After that, I can finish a sequel to Tie It Up, called Tie It Up in the Home (working title).
I am really excited to getting back to a schedule but not having the kids in school. I love them at home. We can do stuff together, have friends over, no stressful homework, no getting places on time, did I mention no homework? I am already back to cleaning the house, dinner on the table, and grocery shopping! For most of the vacation I was just writing, creating and photographing and letting everything else just go.
Hope you all had a great vacation! Thanks Heather and Gabby!


Gabriela Hull said...

Love the purse. Are you homeschooling your children? Or do you have a really long vacation?

KickButtMommy said...

How do you come up with all these ideas? I love the above comment about homeschooling! Miles wonders why our kids are never in school. And the govenor wants to take off 5 more days! Sheesh!