Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Need Running Music

I jogged for 30 minutes today without stopping! Woo-hoo! This has been sooooo hard for me. It has been a really long week for me (running wise). I can usually catch on to things but my body is in such bad shape that it is going to take a while to get the hang of this. I am really motivated though. After a week and a half I have already lost 6 pounds. My motivation is that if I have to do any kind of presentation or workshop or demo for my book, I am not letting people see me at this weight. No, NO, NO!
I didn't quite finish the 3 miles I am suppose to do today (it was time to pick up the first round of kids)but at least I ran for a solid 30 minute block. That is more than I have in a long time and I actually feel good today. I am worried about my long run this weekend, 6 miles.
Anyways I need your help!!!! PLEASE!!! I need good upbeat, fast paced music or just something with a good beat kind of beat to keep my spirits high while I am running. If anyone has any suggestions please, please, PLEASE help me and let me know!!!
I love Mika, Match box 20, some mainstream punk, etc. I guess I like what mainstream America likes. I'm pretty generic. Gotta go pick up kids, homework and all that stuff, but please drop me a song or two. Thanks:)


giddymomof6 said...

OK... so here are my favorite upbeat songs right now:
Pretty Much Amazing--by Joanna
Kidnap My Heart--The Click Five
(Or anything by The Click Five Pre 2008)
And a great one: I'm a believer--by Smashmouth (The mokey's remake on Shrek!)
Everyday Superhero--by Smashmouth
LOL! and I would SOOO jam to any High School Musical song... Well, the fast ones! They're awesome!
Hope this helps!

Sarah said...

If you look on my blog, on the right hand side you'll see my favorite running tunes. I especially like the top 5 songs right now. They are Christian rock/pop groups and I love the lyrics. Those are my suggestions. I'm too lazy to write them down here!

Good luck! I got new shoes on Saturday and haven't broken them in!


Hatch Family said...

Hi this is Saraha Hatch I have like 40 playlist songs on my blog if you want some songs Hot and Cold is a good song but in the beginning it has the bad b word in it, but the rest of the song is good. so the name is ok check it out bye