Monday, March 9, 2009

One Day @ a Time

My sister came over on Thursday! Yey! I cut her hair and we hung out for part of the day. We went for a walk and the sky was just beautiful! I had to take a picture.
On Friday we went out with Rick's sister Tina and her hubby, Art. We went to sushi and I totally pigged out until my stomach hurt...Why do I do that to myself? We then played a fun game of Settlers (Cities and Knight style)!!! I gotta stop winning because then people don't want to play it with me!
There were a LOT of cakes on Saturday at work. I was there 8 hours..standing...on my feet!!! I was soooo tired I wanted to go to bed but Nina had road show and it was up to me to take her! That pretty much killed it for my run on Saturday. I was pretty sad. That was my first missed run!!! But I am back on today! Here are some of the cakes I did this weekend!

This is Nina in the dressing room at the road show. The "Popular Girls" wore my jewelry and Tie It Up shirts for their wardrobe! Cool!!!
I had my family over for dinner and we had soooo much fun...I forgot to take pix even after telling myself that I have to take pix because I wanted my kids to remember this time with their grandparents, cousins, Aunt and Uncle!!! But alas! I forgot! I love my parents. My Dad led us in Family Home evening after dinner. He did a great job! Now that is what I call a pretty perfect day! Church, family and great family time!!!


TheKeilShpeel said...

That's a lot of beautiful cakes. I'm amazed how you get everything done.

Nikki said...

I LOVE playing settlers C&K. Did you know that has a free online version? We should play one day! my email is

jessie said...

Your stake still does Road Show? Road Show has become a thing of the past around here. (Cause Kansas is so up and coming.) Anyway, I think that it's great that you decorate cakes and are a Mormon Mommy Writer. I like baking and decorating cakes, too, but mine aren't as pretty and all I have in cake decorating supplies are a few tips and half a barbie on a spike.