Tuesday, March 3, 2009

China Town/Cakes/Work

I've been so busy with writing, kids, sickness and work. I haven't been able to update. So here is the quick version. I am still good with the 3 and 4 mile run (it's longer that I haven't felt Great after but I am sick so maybe that should be taken in account for my sluggishness, I have officially lost weight (It's been 3 years that I haven't been able to break the 163 mark and I am officially 161. I need to loose another 20 lbs but hey. It's a start). I went to a Chinese market to get some real Chinese/Thai food in L.A. with my friend Panada. Above is Jack and I looking at the live crabs. We even went to a Chinese restaurant afterwards! Here Jack is trying to eat with chopsticks and it actually works!
Later that week I cooked some of the food and I officially love Americanized Chinese food and I hate fish oil/sauce or whatever it is they put in the authentic stuff. My husband and kids don't like it either and when my husband came home he had to open the doors and windows and put the air purifier on it's highest capacity.The oil stank up the house!
In between writing, cleaning, running (yes I am still running), researching for my book, getting kids to activities, doing homework with kids and the like, I made some fun cakes at work on Saturday. Here are some of them. I no longer transfer drawings and I haven't for the past 6 months. I just find an image and free hand it now. I never thought I could freehand an image but when you are forced to do things sometimes it's the best way to find hidden talents.Well here are the last pictures of pre-school for a while. I was laid-off!!! Yes the down turned economy has even affected my little ol' job. My friend's husband's work hours and pay was cut so he has taken over my position. Until things get better I am out of the pre-school business. Melanie might add another day if she gets enough students and then I would work one day a week, but who knows!?! In the picture below the kids are making moon pies! I am kind of glad to have the extra time for writing but I will miss the money (however small, it will still be missed)!
Well enough of the catch up. Today was full of excitement (LOL)! My baby (he's 2 but still a baby to me...oh and he is huge for his age..off the charts...but still a baby to me and I carry that little lug way too much!); well last night he poked his eye. I have no idea how,who or what. I was taking a shower and all of a sudden I heard,"Jack hurt his eye and he's crying!" Jack came in the shower crying (not a normal I'm hurt cry but a I'm REALLY HURT cry). I was kinda freaked out but his eye wasn't too bad but bad enough to where I knew he needed to be seen by a doctor. So this morning I called my sister's best friend (since high school) and asked if her husband could see Jack asap (he's a really good eye doc.). They fit him right in! I only had to drive almost an hour to get there and pay $33 (that's really cheap but my insurance co-pay is $5 and it is down the street from my house. That's how good of a doctor I think he is and how much I trust him and in today's world you can't put a price on great service..it was worth it!). So after the drive (I really hate driving to new places without my husband. I can do it alone... I just don't like to) Jack indeed had a laceration due to blunt force trauma (sounds scarier than it really was but it kinda felt CSI to say it!). His eye was cut but not perforated and his eye lid was cut as well. I have to put antibiotics in his eye and make sure he can see out of it for the next two weeks but the doc thinks he'll be fine. The swelling has already gone down a lot. You can still see the blood clot and a little puffiness but it looks a lot better!


KickButtMommy said...

SO glad Jack is okay.

We will miss you SO much at preschool

and I LOVE the 21 cake!

Lori said...

I bet I know that Eye Dr.! Hope Jack is o.k.

joyous said...

Poor Jack, that is no fun at all. Your cakes looks awesome...I love the square shape. It appeals to my LOVE of symmetry (I know, I'm a nerd).