Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I finished another chapter in my Lost Art of Parenting book. It's been going pretty

smoothly ever since I brainstormed for two weeks and made an outline. Nina is gone to Sacramento with the Maloy's and I miss her already but I know she is in most excellent hands!!! Jack has made it another day with out sucking my finger!!! Yeah!!! You heard right. It's weird but my kids would never take a pacifier, they sucked on my finger. Ever since we stopped he has been acting like a bigger boy and wanting to go to the potty! Cool! Now I just have to get him out of my bed...One thing at a time.

I also ran 12 miles without stopping and I felt great (of course I must add that it was on the treadmill because of the rain so 12 miles felt like 7 miles on pavement. It is much easier on your body to run on a treadmill. But putting that aside it was a big accomplishment for me. I actually ran for 2 hours straight!!!) After the marathon I am soooo going to run half marathons a couple times a year! It is sooo easy compared to full marathons. It could actually be fun and not a lot of work comparatively speaking :)


KickButtMommy said...

12 miles????? YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

Cate said...

congrats on your weight loss, you look great!

Sara said...

That is awesome!