Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Scott!!! Your 11 today!

Today will go on record as one of my favorite days of the year! Today my son R. Scott Olsen was born 11 years ago! He wanted Cheese Pizza from Papa Johns (the best delivery pizza around)! This is huge! He just very recently began to eat the "All American Birthday Food". He use to only eat the crust but now my 11 year old will eat the entire thing! There is hope for his future wife after all! His big sister Nina, fully decorated her first character cake! She did a great job. She filled the bags, drew the picture, frosted and trimmed the cake and everything BY HER SELF! I knew she could do it and she did a great job.

She's only 12 and already following in her Mom's footsteps :) Here are some of the cakes I did at work on Saturday! There were a lot of cakes! Even some weird cakes that I did not post because they were just...weird...the things people ask for?????

These were mini cupcakes that I decorated like a flower. I saw it on YouTube for cupcakes. I tried it on cupcakes but thought mini cupcakes would be soooo cute for a tea party! I'll have to do a video someday on it! Mums would be easy and adorable as well as roses! I am sooo in love with mini cupcakes right now. They satisfy and you aren't downing a million calories for the pleasure....did I mention how adorable they are too!

Here is a before and after cheesecake. We thought it needed something more!

This was a Super Fun cake!!! The ears are cookies painted with black royal icing! Can you see the mini Mini's on the side? Too cute!

Here is a picture that Nina took of Jack pre-stitches. Sorry I have no gruesome pix's. I don't even have pix of the kids in their costumes that I made for the Variety show that they were in this weekend! What has happened to me!!!! I'm going to start gluing that camera to my hand! I don't want to miss a thing in my kids lives :)
Well the story behind Jack is that Wednesday he locked himself in the garage with one of our dogs. When I went to get him he was crying and a face full of blood! The bleeding stopped soon after but it still did not look right. It was just a small cut on his lip but I Googled and I read that even the smallest of cuts on the face can leave a scar as well as infection. So with that we were off to the ER and Jack got 2 stitches. They asked if I wanted to be in the room...Heck yeah! Why would I want to worry and be away from my son when he needs me? The nurse told me not too look because it would be too traumatic! What! I love surgery! No way was I gonna miss this and I wanted to make sure the doc. did a good job! The nurse also said that he would sleep like a rock...Ha ha ha h ah a! He was back to his old tricks as soon as we got home, jumping on the couch, singing songs, acting out Spiderman and going to bed late!
So needless to say that Goofy is gone. I told the pound to give him to a family without small kids!
Oh! By the way! See the water bottle he is holding! You can't see it but it is the perfect thing for a baby/ messy kid/ toddler/small child to drink out of! Why? My son Samuel thought of this. One day he just grabbed a pencil and popped a hole at the center of the lid and ...Voila! Instant, non-drip baby sippy cup/water bottle. It works with a pen or key(makes a larger hole but still works)! Try it when you are on the road if your kids often spill their water bottles! It works great!

Nina took this of Charlotte this week too! Isn't she sweet! Beautiful inside and out..I am soooooo lucky!
Also a catch up on the running! I did 10 Wednesday and then today seven (both with hills, and not little ones either...big long hills). I can't believe how quickly the human body recovers! I went from nothing to 13 mile in 2 months! Rick also ran the 7 miles with me today and he wasn't far behind. He is athletic (he rides his bike to work everyday up a huge steep hill) but he was right there with me the first half and not more than 100 yards the last half! Men are soooo lucky. It took me 2 months to get here and he is this far on his second run in 2 weeks! He can definitely do the marathon. He will be dead tired but he can do it!


giddymomof6 said...

WOW! You have such a talented family! Like mother like daughter! And How cute are those cakes! Your kids are adorable! Jenni

Gabriela Hull said...

I can't believe Scott is 11! I love the cupcakes and Scott's cake. Nina did such a good job!

Reed and Chelle Eckman said...

I can't believe how big the kids are getting! The cupcakes are so cute! Can't wait to send you some pics!

joyous said...

Poor Jack, that is no fun to do stitches and everything. The girls will be sad there is no more Goofy at your house.

I love Nina's cake for Scott, she did a great job!! How fun. That could even be a part time job for her in a few more years. I also love the flower mini cupcakes, those are adorable!

And Happy Belated Birthday to Scott!!!