Monday, March 16, 2009

Early Saint Patrick's Day

This week I did a 13 mile run! WOW! I know! It was not easy peazy though. When will it ever be? Well by mile 10 I could no longer continue jogging because of knee pain, so I started to jog walk. Then at mile 13 I could no longer jog so I walked it! I did a half marathon and lived! I stretched a bunch and I felt fine the next day! Even so , I saw my family doctor today to get a referral to a podiatrist (gotta love hmo''s gonna take 2 weeks until I can even make an appointment!!!). So while I was at the doc this morning I got a bunch of routine blood work done as we'll see if everything is in working order.

I did cakes this weekend of course! There were not a lot but here are the pix:

On Sunday I went to my parents house for the traditional St. Patrick's Day celebration. We had to do it early because of everyone's schedules. We made ribs, fish, Irish stew, mashed potatoes with rings, buttons and coins in it(rings signify good marriage, coins= wealth and buttons= good health), green colored sprite, asparagus, green died chocolate chip cookies and lucky charms marshmallow treats!!! To top it off we played settlers with the older kids! I love days like this: Good Food, Good Company, Good Games!!!


TheKeilShpeel said...

You just ran farther than I ever did while training for the St. George. You are going to do awesome. I love the st. patty's day festivities going on.

giddymomof6 said...

WOW! Congrats on the running! You are so awesome! You inspire me! And I'm glad to see what a great time you guys are having! Happy St Patty's DAY! Jenni