Friday, April 3, 2009

Freebie on

I just started a new blog for crafters, like me that are aching to share their craftiness with the world. Life's too short to hide your talents under a basket! Let them shine!!! There is also a new freebie on So leave a comment here for your chance to win the 2d tip and pastry bag and leave a comment there and follow to win the freebie at craftersguru!!! If you are in a crafty mood then email me at and let me feature you on my new crafting blog!!! All you need is a self portrait (or family portrait), a short bio on yourself, pictures of your finished product (you can also include step by step pix...I love pix) and easy to follow step by step directions on how you did what you did!!!
Coming soon to CraftersGuru is an adorable hair style for your little girl by Joy Henshaw, How to make Nursing Covers by Rachelle Eckman, A cleaver craft from Mandy McHenry (TBA), How to Refinish and Faux Your Cabinets from Christina Taylor, How to Make a Doll Cake from Jane LeCheminant, Tie It Up secrets from me Mary and many more. So come join the fun and contact me with your awesome craft!!! Everyone featured gets a fabulous prize!!!

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