Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The pictures were taken with my I-Phone. In dim light the pix aren't as good as in outdoor lighting (no flash on the I-phone yet..maybe the next model will have one :P ).

Easter at the Henshaw house is full of fun and children! My parents have 17 grandchildren (with 14 that attended the Easter Celebration). My parents like to host it on Saturday so as not to let the fun festivities take away from Easters Real meaning and purpose..The Savior. We have a big family feast and of course a huge Easter egg hunt. Hundreds of eggs are packaged with candy and hidden all around the back yard. This year there were sooooo many eggs that the kids baskets couldn't hold any more! My sons wanted to bring bags instead of baskets so they could get more eggs; but even their bags were filled!
It was surprisingly event free (no major fights broke out) and a good time with the family :) Don't you wish it was always like that!

I have a new, exciting, and fun post on http://craftersguru.blogspot.com/ Sushi Candy, by Karina Cebuliak! Check it out and see how fun it is to do!


giddymomof6 said...

OMGOSH! That is a TON of Eggs! How exciting! We too have easter on Saturday (even the easter bunny comes friday night/sat morning) I hope you guys had a great Easter! That sushi looks so cute! Jenni

Olsen's 7 said...

Thanks and I hope you had fun this Easter and can't wait to see you in the states :)