Friday, April 17, 2009

$2,500 for a Vacuum!!!

A man came to my door and told me that he worked for a carpet cleaning company and they were taking a survey of how well the community liked their carpet cleaning service. They offered a free cleaning and my opinion of how well I thought they cleaned. I thought..Ok! Why not. If they do a good job then maybe I will hire them once every year or so to clean my 2 rugs (my house is all wood flooring). They came and then proceeded to try and sell me a vacuum!!! What the heck!!!! I was bamboozled by the KIRBY vacuum guys! I will never buy a Kirby because of this unethical lying method! The 20 minutes the first guy promised turned out to be an hour sales pitch!!! And then he proceeded to try and get me to buy without my husbands approval! What home wreckers are these slimy Kirby sales men! My husband and I consult each other on ever large purchase over $200 (sometimes even less, I value his opinion on all things electronic). This has stifled any financial fights. They then asked if my husband helped with the house work (several times)! Kinda like if he doesn't help then you deserve this insanely priced vacuum!!! Well I proudly told them several times that YES!!! My husband does help!!! Oh and they told me that I had probably gone through several vacuum cleaners! HA! HA! HA! Got ya! I have an OREK and I LOVE it! I have had the same one for almost 14 years!!! If this one dies then I will most definitely buy another OREK for a fourth of the price of a stupid Kirby. So my advice to you is...If a guy claims he is just trying out his "carpet cleaning" business to see if the neighborhood likes his cleaning capabilities..! Just know that it's that retched Kirby guy trying to rip you off with a $2,500 vacuum!!! "What Ever!!!" is all I have to say to those Kirby guys!
On a happier note!
Look at my Little Jack-Jack, trying to be Eco-friendly and ride his bike to work like his Daddy!!!

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Kasie West said...

Yeah, that's happened to me twice. (well, since I had learned my lesson I didn't let them in the second time). But then, get this, I got a phone call from people wanting me to test out an "air cleaning device" and get my opinion on it. I was like, "You're not going to try to sell me anything, are you?" And they said, "Of course not, we just want you to take a survey." I used to work for a survey company in college where we never tried to sell anything but people were always rude, so I decided to be nice. Well, they show up at my door and guess what? It was the kirby guys claiming their vacuum was like an "air cleaning system" because of how well it worked. I have never seen my husband angrier. But, hello? That is just slimy. I don't know why they think people are going to buy their product after they lie like that.

Happy Daisy AZ said...

I always wonder who is actually buying these overpriced vacuums that make it worth having these people go door to door. I do not want any stranger coming in my house for any reason! Great post!

giddymomof6 said...

That's so disgusting! I can't believe anyone would EVER spend that much on a vacuum. Seriously. I did love the Dyson we had (Got fried because of the power was different over here and relatives visiting didn't realize it.) our Dyson was amazing and I thought that was expensive. Sheez! And LOL! My sister must've been bamboozled because she owns a kirby and she swears by it. Just makes me shake my head. Jenni

Gabriela Hull said...

I don't like the Kirby people. I agreed to have them come clean my family room with "the new product we are testing" and then I realized it was a vacuum. The guys only cleaned like 2 square feet of carpet and then did the entire presentation. They did get the price down for $600 but by then I was not happy with their way of doing business.

jeffrey said...

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