Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cakes! Cakes! And more Cakes!

Went to work today and there were a lot of cakes!!! I finished a bunch and thought..yeah! I'm done and then looked at the next board and saw 5 more+ 2 more came in last minute!!! Here are some pix from my I-phone!

Sorry I don't have a lot to write but pix are fun :) I have been Twittering like mad (follow me craftersguru), Facebooking( be my friend: Mary Olsen), blogging on my new blog ( I posted 3 posts including a hair cutting tutorial, a Freebie is there too so comment and follow there for weekly freebies!!!) and working! Now I want to spend some time with the fam! It's cuddling, hugging, and fun time now.

I just read that cuddling and hugging helps women release stress!!! I think it's true!!!

Oh! I just got an email from and they are featuring my new Tube Top No Sew YouTube video on their blog! Make sure you stop by and check it out! I am so excited to be featured there!!!


joyous said...

Is it too early to put in my order for Lizzie's birthday? I'm lovin' your cakes! What fun to do so many different ones too.

Olsen's 7 said...

Not too early at all! When ever you need a cake! I'm there! Just invite me or the girls to the party and we'll bring the help and the cake! Nina is an awesome helper!!!Plus she adores your girls! Ask Lizzy if she would like a beautiful princess doll cake with a real Barbie for her to keep?