Thursday, October 29, 2009

Field Trip #2 Placerita Nature Center

My awesome visiting teacher,Wendy, invited to take us to Placerita Nature Center.Charlotte and Nina pose in the parking lot.

Jack's on the go....!
We got to see an up close look at a hawk.
My kids see a tree and they have to climb it!!!


Inside they have a little exhibit of things to touch and see.
We went on a little hike to the butterfly gardens and more...
We saw the Oak of the Golden Dream! Where gold was first discovered in California!
"The Oak" where a man surveying his newly purchased property fell asleep near this oak tree and had a dream. In the dream he was told that he would be very rich. When he awoke he pulled onions from the ground and up came gold nuggets with roots!The story and plaque!To get to the oak you have to go under a bridge. My kids are pointing at a mural.To finish it off we had a pic-nic!

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