Monday, October 26, 2009

Ward Trunk-Or-Treat

Ranger Scott and the Attack of the Killer Snake!Our own Harry Potter Jack! He was Spider man minutes before we were to leave, but promptly undressed and wanted to be Harry Potter.Take a bow Princess Charlotte!She was a princess Musketeer but changed her mind before we left.The last Minute Monk! Sam changed his mind from a fully dressed pirate to a monk before we left.
I had just gotten home from a 5 hour cake decorating shift and I was dead beat. The kids were partially dressed. Once I was through the door they wanted me to re-invent their costumes at the last minute! I quickly helped them transform into different outfits and took pictures once we arrived. that was about all my exhausted legs and body could do. I just sat in a chair and handed out candy the rest of the night while the kids ran free and Rick took Jack from trunk to trunk. I didn't get a picture of out Aria (Elf Princess Nina). She was gone with her friends decorating their cars and Trunk-Or-Treating the evening away!


Kerrie said...

Your kids all looked darling! I did the same as you, sat at my car and handed out candy, it was kind of nice! You are looking great!

Gabriela Hull said...

Love Scott's costume! Did he come up with it?