Thursday, October 22, 2009

Home School Field Trip #1

This is our first official field trip. Going to their cousins house would make this the second!
The pictures will be out of order because I had some problems down loading them and it would take way to long to fix it. So here goes. Our first field trip! Here is field trip criteria:1# it must be within 30 minutes from out home, #2 it must be free (with this economy my budget fro such things is now ZERO $ and ZERO cents, #3 it must be out doors (this can be changed). So this is what fell in the 3 criteria. Going to Hart Park and Mansion! Here is Nina and Jack viewing the remains of the pool.

The kids stop for a much needed drink. We took the trail first and then the road. It is a lot easier than taking the steep road all the way.Here's the look out tower from Hart Mansion.
We have Bison in SCV. No need to go to another state!
Look at this huge palm tree! Nina wanted a picture with it :)
This is the bunk house for the workers/ranch hands of Hart Mansion. It's now used as a meeting house.This just makes my heart sing. Big brother Scott holding his baby brother's hand by choice!

I wanted to get out of the house and I wanted the kids to get out too! We had so much fun , I think that i want to do a field trip every week! We'll see after the baby comes if I am up to it...I hope so. The kids were so well behaved at Hart Park, it makes me want to do more and more!
The city renovated Hart Park and it looks great. It has a very small farm/zoo where they keep animals for people to look at. this was a warthog!This cow was the biggest cow I had ever seen!
You can't see it very well in the picture but in the cage is a massive pig.
My kids are so use to pictures that they often tell me to take a picture and pose. Even Charlotte at 7 and Jack at 2yrs. know the routine :)
The Trading Post was closed due to lack of volunteers and the animal food vending machine was broken. I could only eek out very small bits of food after depositing a quarter. The kids still had fun with their 5 tiny pieces of food to give to the animals. This male deer had hormone problems and had a mass growing on it's antlers and head. It looked like it's brain was growing on the outside. They are going to give him hormone shot next season to rectify the problem. A worker told us that these deer are Asian meat deer and normally do not live this long. They are also neutered. This combination apparently causes hormone problems.
We saw a Burro and Horse from afar.
There were also a variety of chickens, birds, rabbits and turkeys to see.

This was where Mr. Hart buried his well loved horse.
Scott insisted on a moment of silence for the horse.
Another moment of silence for the dogs.This is where all the dogs that Mr. Hart had were buried.
They stayed on the trail and we had a great time!


joyous said...

Awesome!!! I would have to guess that field trips would be one of the biggest perks of homeschooling! We'll have to check out the Hart mansion one of these days too!

Is the Fillmore fish hatchery within 30 minutes of your house? It's always fun to see a bajillion fish swimming. ;) It fits all three criteria AND the food dispensers worked the last time we went.

TheKeilShpeel said...

I recently read on a website about the bison and I thought it was crazy too.. :) I wanna go there.. I'm going to have to talk to you. :)

Gabriela Hull said...

How fun! I can't believe how grown up your children are!