Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treating, a Family Affair!

We went Trick Or Treating at my sister's new house in Moorpark! I was really tired from a 7 hour work day and in my 9th month of pregnancy. I had to get out of my house. My house represented (at that moment) a place of endless clean up! I had to get away from it (this nesting thing is really hard with 5 kids, home schooled in a tiny house). My wonderful sister made us dinner, meatballs and spaghetti! Here Jack is eating them. It was really funny to watch. He is really into theatrical eating and even makes cute little piggy noises for an even greater effect!Uncle Jeff lent Jack his head light to go Trick Or Treating! Rick, Jeff, and my parents took all the kids around while my sister and I got to talk, relax and pass out candy! My idea of Trick Or Treating while this big and fat :) Even Rick was in a silly mood :)Uncle Jeff bought the kids some make up and Wyatt and I went to town on the kids faces! A Pirate Zombie Sam, A Hooded Zombie Wyatt and a Zombie Park Ranger Scott. They all made up these outfits!Nana even got into the Halloween Spirit! Isn't she awesome! Princess Bride Charlotte and Maleficent Charlotte!The Trick Or Treating Gang!

After scoring a bunch of candy Rick and Jeff took the kids to a Haunted House. These creative neighbors have been putting this free event for the local kids for years! Charlotte cried and the boys loved it so much they waited 45 minutes in line to go again!!!

We all talked til late afterwards while the kids played and watched movies. This is my idea of fun..Good company, good times!

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