Thursday, February 12, 2009

Yesterday I wanted to get a project done before I started my next book, The Lost Art of Parenting. I wanted to make some cool cards and this weekend I want to video tape it! Here are some of the cards I did. The kids loved them, I did too. Scott said they were funky and I think that is a great compliment from him :)

Here is the necklace I did last night. I didn't have a lot of time because we bought an awesome range!!!! Yeah! I have been living with a broken one for a year and a half (can you believe that! Me not have a good over...I know! I had to bake things at work, or small things like cupcakes or mini cupcakes because our oven only worked to temperature for 15 minutes and then shut off until it was completely cooled. It took hours to bake a simple thing!!! Now we are getting a convection oven, so things will be done in no time!!!

Work went by fast today. We had a Valentine's party!!! I love parties with kids!!! After our normal routine we made alien heart headbands (the theme this month is space, they are learning about our solar system). After that they decorated their valentines bags, frosted and decorated cookies, and then passed out their valentines! We were having sooooo much fun!!! We had some games planned but we ran out of time.

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