Monday, February 2, 2009

4th Row Center for Sister Beck!!!

Sunday was an amazing day full of testimonies and uplifting words. In the evening came time for the multi-stake fireside with Sister Beck, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints General Relief Society President. I did not want to go because of the crowds, no parking and fear of not finding a seat (mainly the crowds of people). My friend asked if I wanted a ride, she did not want to go either but if I came she would go. My husband told me that I really should go, if not for me then as an example to my daughter, she thought it was soooo cool that I was actually going to see Sister Beck live and not on TV. So time came and my friend called to see if I was going. I said yes and my husband dropped us off at the chapel. We were 10 minutes early and the parking lot was already packed. As we entered we saw many women standing around. Oh! NO! It was sooooo full there were no seats left! As we peaked inside the chapel we saw many seats in the front that were empty and we thought that they must be saved for church leaders, so we moved on only to find that it was packed inside the cultural hall as well! As we moved through the crowded hallway we peaked in at the back of the cultural hall, some other friends waved to us and told us some woman had just left to go to the Spanish translation room. As we sat, we felt fortunate to be able to be in the same room as Sister Beck, even though she was a meer speck in the distance. We were all very excited and I found out that most of the woman around me had their husbands tell them that they needed to go tonight as well..

As a side note, in sacrament meeting that afternoon the Bishop had said that he did not think anything was a coincidence and I believe that is true.

As we were sitting there with about 5 minutes til starting time, a member of our ward and stake presidency came by and told the woman behind us (who were also in our ward, that told us of the open seats that we were now sitting in) that the reserved seats up front were now being opened up. As they left for those seats I asked the women that I was with if we should follow. We were undecided and I told them that I would go and see if there were any seats left. Brother Paterson told us all to go and that he would save our seats if needed. So we walked, rather swiftly all the way to the front of the chapel and the 4th row center was available. WOW! It was amazing. We were in shock and excitement. We were able to hear her voice without the aid of a microphone and see her in person and not on the big screen(better that in HD). Not only was that a treat, but the words that were said were inspiring. She spoke a little about her counselors and herself and then asked us if we had any burning questions. My mind was blank. I waited to hear what others wanted to ask. The first woman asked if her child could be taught by her husband, basic school and homework. She said that yes, children can learn from family members friends etc. but that the real mothering can not be delegated and that we have the leadership responsibility of Eve to teach and raise our children. "A mother's job his her job." She also mentioned that mothers have to work all hours/ all shifts. She mentioned that during "Swing Shift" (that is from 5:00pm-til bedtime for me) that mother's need to be at the top of their game! This is when we are needed the most. This time was the golden opportunity time to teach! "You prepare missionaries on Swing Shift".

Many more words of wisdom were spoken and great council given. This fireside has left me with a deeper understanding of my role as a mother. When 5:00pm rolls around I am no longer going to dread it because I am tired, the kids are tired and there are mounds of homework and dishes to do. It is the "Golden Opportunity" time to teach!


KickButtMommy said...

I really wanted to go but was just so worn out. Sounds like I missed a good one. 5-bedtime is DEFINITELY my biggest challenge. I will have to start being more positive.

Gabriela Hull said...

Thanks for sharing! That's so neat you were able to be that close. I will have to change my perspective on 5pm now. It is the hardest time for me. I needed to hear that!

Sara said...

That is so awesome! What an amazing opportunity.

Wendy said...

I'm so glad you were able to attend the special fireside for Sister Beck . . . and sit so close! I really could have used the "swing shift" advice years ago. Now I will share it with my daughter-in-law.