Monday, February 9, 2009

Mini Cupcake Heaven

After the crazy day on Saturday I still wasn't finished!!! I had to bake a million mini cupcakes for a family get together and a YW activity. I love, love, love mini cupcakes! They are sooo easy to do, look adorable and take little time (comparatively speaking). I made 4 types of minis for a dessert bar effect. I made chocolate, vanilla, brownies and even sugar cookies (I just place a little ball in the cupcake paper and baked it). I then frosted them with either chocolate frosting or vanilla and topped each with a different colored heart. Here are some I-Phone pix:

The best moment I had while doing this was asking my daughter to fill the bags with frosting. She filled them easily with no mess and all by herself! You might think that is crazy but I love it when my kids learn from the things that I do with them and they not only do it right but they can do it all by themselves! She also did her hair really cute (all by herself) and got several complaments. She is such a talented young woman that I have to tell you all how proud I am of her. She tries so hard to be good and righteous. One grade was slipping a bit and she talked to the teacher about extra credit to bring it back up and has been working more diligently at all her studies. She has a 3.8. Wow! I am so impressed with her persistence and efforts. Also, after we turned a dress of hers into a shirt, she took the extra leftover fabric and did the cutest thing with it! I'll have to get pix. SHE IS AWESOME!!!


giddymomof6 said...

Aww! That's awesome! Those cupcakes look amazing! And your daughter is just beautiful! Like her mom! Jenni

KickButtMommy said...

Adorable, and I seriously could eat ten of them right now!

Sara said...

Cute cupcakes! Love the Southern Living stuff! And I can't believe how grown up Nina is getting!