Monday, December 7, 2009

It's Been a Crazy Happy Month

On November 7,2009 after working a 7 and a half hour work day my water broke. I was at home about 3 hours after work, worrying about the baby when my water broke like never before. I thought that this was it and that I'd better hurry to the hospital because he would be coming fast.
So I packed my bag and Rick and I went to the hospital.Only to pace the halls for 6 hours before labor finally began. It was a good thing because the video camera and camera were both out of batteries,so we had plenty of time to go home,get the chargers and charge them. I was also able to Facebook my progress:)

Two hours and 3 pushes later Jefferson Gordon Olsen was born, November 8th 2009.

My mother sadly had the flu so my sister and father were there.All warm and snugly after his first bath given by his father(it's tradition)
Proud Daddy with our precious son:) He's got daddy's chin!I was ready to go home after the first 6 hours but the pediatrician likes the baby to be there 24.
The kids were sooo excited they ran out to meet us! It was a wonderful precious site to see!

Big brother Jack HAD to be the first to hold HIS new baby!So we let each of the kids hold him, youngest to oldest. Charlotte loves her new baby too.
Sam wasn't quite sure what to make of his new brother but he still wanted to hold him for a quick moment.
Scott took on the oldest brother role right away! He is always asking to hold his new brother.Nina is such a pro by now:) They called me into work just 2 weeks after having Jefferson. Here is the I-Phone picture I took to show everyone.
Here is the cake that they wanted me to make. It took 4 hours!!!Rick was off work for 3 weeks. He helped out and was able to tackle a few small projects. Jack loved helping his dad with the drummel.
Uncle Jeff holding Jefferson. What an awesome uncle. He is always taking his sons and our kids hiking, shooting, bike riding and is there for every priesthood ordinance!
When Nana was over the flu she came right over to hold her 18th grand baby!Aunt Joy came to visit with the girls and brought dinner!
Daddy is always helping out and holding the baby.When the cord fell off, mommy gave Jeff his first real bath(with Nina's help holding the pacifier). He hates to be cold. He only cries when he is hungry and when he gets his diaper changed. He is a really calm, easy baby. We are blessed.Mommy getting the baby warm and dry.Yeah! Nana came and stayed for a week! She helped out so much with getting the kids back into school mode. Sam got a lot of one on one time with Nana.
Scott loves to hold his brother. While listening to his school lessons he loves to hold and cuddle with his new brother.Scott helps mommy feed the baby with pumped milk. Jack loves the milk too!Grandma stayed and helped out a TON preparing for 18 guests over for Thanks Giving!
Papa gets to hold Jefferson while we got everything ready.Nana takes time out to cuddle her latest grandchild.Cousin Mimi wants to hold him to!
Rachel and Lizzy got to hold him too!Grandma Jana and Papa Tom came for Thanks Giving too! They also took each of the kids out shopping on Black Friday. They all felt very special for getting Grandma to themselves.
Aunt Tami got to hold him too!Jack cuddles with Aunt Tami! The kids missed Tami and were soooo excited to spend time with her.
Tami is going to beauty school and cut my hair and Nina's hair. She did a great job.Charlotte wanted to learn how to sew on the machine and she caught on really fast. I showed her a couple of times and then she was totally on her own the rest of the time. She is making a blanket for her doll.I made a necklace out of Yo-yo's and Tami and Nina liked it so much I made one for each of them and taught Tami how to make them. She made a hair clip out of one of them.I made Charlotte another Twirling skirt. She really loved it because of all the bright colors.Sam wanted to hold the baby. He hasn't really been interested until he realized the baby looked and acts like he did when he was a baby. He finally bonded and now calls him his twin :)The kids decorated a gingerbread house together for FHE.
This was all that remained by mid morning the next day.
Good thing I took a picture.Jefferson got his first shower with Dad (another tradition). He was not happy at all at first but got use to it.Aunt Tina, Teak and Riley visited their new cousin.HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK! YOU'RE 3 !!!
Jack wanted to go to church on his birthday really badly. I haven't let him go for 4 weeks because I don't want him bringing some sickness home from the die hards at church.
But I acquiesced and let him go..reluctantly. H1N1 (aka the swine flue) is really prevalent and I didn't want that brought home.
Jack took a new approach to present opening...with scissors!!!
He was sooo excited to get a Mega Blocks Halo set. He jumped up and down screaming"Halo 3!! U-hawh, Yeah Baby!!!" Master Chief is his new favorite guy! He had to have a picture of him.I made a volcano dinosaur cake for Jack and Wyatt's joint birthday party!How awesome is that to share a birthday with a cousin you are so close to!Jack loves to hold his baby brother every day!


Nikki said...

Thanks for catching us up on all your adventures! Congrats on the new baby, he is so adorable, I love that he was featured in virtually every picture!

KickButtMommy said...

Wow! What a fun post. Jefferson is SOOOOO cute. I am so glad I got to meet him the other night. My favorite picture of all is the one of Jack in front of your red door!

Gabriela Hull said...

Congratulations! Jefferson is so adorable. I loved that iphone picture. You have a beautiful family!

Melissa Duncan said...

SO CUTE!!! YAY ANOTHER BABY!!! I loved seeing all of your pics you have up. I miss you guys! I love you all! <3

joyous said...

Phew! It has been a busy month! Thanks for posting all the fun pictures. Jefferson really is quite adorable and he's going to be spoiled getting held and snuggled all the time!! What a lucky guy. :) Glad to see the life is settling back down for you, we're looking forward to seeing you at Christmas!

TheKeilShpeel said...

Welcome back to blogging :). Thanks for the update. Looks like you've been busy. I can't believe you had Thanksgiving at your house. I love Jacks tie too. Sounds like you've been busy. And yes.. with the others.. Jefferson is definitely loved.

giddymomof6 said...

OH! I just love this post! So cute! and so fun! I can't wait to have my little one!