Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Teaching the Kids to Sew

It all started with the Personal Progress Pouches that my sister saw online. She wanted to make one for her niece for her birthday and wondered if I could show her how. I saw the site and didn't really like the pattern. So I made up my own. My daughter liked it so much that she wanted to make up her own. She had such fun making it that she wanted to make one for her entire beehive class. That's 11 girls!!! Needless to say she is using this to pass off a 10 hour project in her personal progress book. Up above is her second one! She is really getting the hang of sewing and wants to do more.
I started from pattern making, to cutting to sewing! She did great. For the project I am helping her out with the cutting and ironing. the sewing alone will take up the 10 hours. Well it started a sewing frenzy in our house.
Seeing his sister sewing and creating made him want to learn how to hand sew. I have taught classes at the local elementary school and my kids were there. But they were never really THAT into it. Now he really wanted to learn. So we started with a pattern. He wanted to make mittens for his sister or brother to play with. I had him place his hand on a piece of paper and bubble traced mittens (making sure to have plenty of seam allowance and wrist room. Then I had him cut 2 pieces out of felt. I then showed him how to thread a needle, make a knot at the end and make a running stitch. He did an excellent job with his running stitch. they were surprisingly very even. I was really impressed! The needle, thread and knot was a bit hard to grasp but maybe next time.Charlotte loved the glove so much that she wanted to make her own set. I let her use her brothers pattern and told Sam to show her what to do. She traced and cut out the pattern and then I showed her how to thread a needle, make a knot and make a running stitch. She, like Sam did a really great job at the running stitch. She was very ambitious and made 2 gloves. She plays with them all of the time.Jack loves the mittens too!Scott wanted to make a bean bag voodoo doll (silly boy).They all did a really good job but the house needed to be cleaned after a long weekend, dinner needed to be made and Family Home Evening needed to be had. I was really tired by that time. After a full day of home schooling, teaching the kids, I forced my self to round every one up to clean, made a super easy meal and assigned FHE assignments. We recapped last weeks family song "Come Thou Fount" that Nina taught, the boys made up a bowling game from plastic cups, Charlotte lead the Wheels on the bus and Rick and I helped the kids memorize the first verse of D&C 4. Scott needs to memorize all of D&C 4 before becoming a deacon. We finished off with some easy and yummy cake mix cookies!
Luckily I had a lot of energy that day because it was all used up. The next day I had none! Can't wait to get my old self and body back!

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Gabriela Hull said...

How fun! I can't believe you have the energy to do all that you do!