Monday, December 21, 2009

It's Time for the Holidays!

We made gingerbread cookies and even fulfilled a dream of mine..making them as ornaments for the Christmas Tree :) It only took 3 days to complete. Slow and steady like a snail, but we did it! The baby is all about eating and being held 24/7. So even now as I blog this I am nursing this little angel. If you want to know the recipe and some easy tricks of the trade visit for details.
Rick hold the baby while decorating his own cookies so that I can take pics:)

My sister and family came over for dinner, games and cookie decorating on the fly. We had a blast!
Our very adorable Pixie Shoo-Shoo!Scott loves to decorate cookies too!Sam made his own gingerbread sandwich!
Cousins Wyatt and Lando give it a shot:)
Nina :)

It's a family affair!

Aaah! Cha-ching! It finally happened! Gingerbread cookies as ornaments on a tree!