Thursday, January 28, 2010

Life With Six Kids :)

Awesome! The baby (Jefferson 2 1/2 mo.) happened to be smiling as his big brother Scott read to him! Too cute!
Sam's first attempt at making eggs solo! He did a great job! We did aerobics for 3 days straight and then the kids said that they hated it! Now that we haven't done it for 3 days they want to start it up again!
Fickle kids.Nina wanted to hold the baby while doing aerobics for a bit so I decided to snap some photos since my hands were free!Assume the Saturday position!
Too Cute!

Just for kicks here is the latest easy peasy craft at my blog

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Cuts+Treadmills

Jack wanted his hair cut and it was long over due too! But the baby won't let me put him down. Even when he sleeps, if I put him down he wakes right up and cries. I hate it when they cry so I cut Jack's hair with the baby asleep in the sling over my shoulder. Jack was so good while I cut his hair. He was watching the new Ice Age movie. He loves the movie soooo much that he thanked Heavenly Father for the Ice Age movie in our family prayer this morning.

Day 2 of having each of the kids walk/run/whatever for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Now if only I could squeeze time in.Sammy working up a sweat :)When baby woke up it was his turn to loose the long thin "Old Man" hair ring around his head.All done and no tears:)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Jefferson's Baby Blessing

I didn't have a lot of time between getting the lunch buffet ready, house picked up, relatives in town and staying at the house, and kids to be ready + early for church to take photos. So this is what I got :)Great Uncle Paul Gordon holding Jefferson Gordon.Rick, Uncle Jeff, Great Uncle Paul +Jefferson
The awesome Uncles and great examples of priesthood holders that he was named after (besides their awesome Dad, but his name was already used along with my father +father in law)

Papa Tom was hugging Nina during the short time I had the camera and so I got this lucky shot:)