Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cooking, Smiles, and Hair Cuts!

HEY, it's Nina, Mary's oldest kid, and my mom is letting me hijack the family blog! So she told me how to post stuff and voila!
Here is a cute picture of Jefferson smiling... Sigh! All ready he is three months old! He is growing SOOOO fast!!! Just this past few weeks he has started to laugh! We all adore every moment we see him smile or laugh!

Scott and Sammy with their new cuts! My mom, Mary, actually saw a boy with this hair cut at the dentist, she thought she could try it. (It was funny cause it reminded her of a Jar Head! HAHA!!!)
Here's a side view!

Here's when mom was just starting!

This is Charlotte's first attempt at cooking! She is growing up so fast! Good job Charlotte!


Kerrie said...

Great job Nina! I see blogging in your future!

TheKeilShpeel said...

Jefferson is growing up so fast. I love his smile. Way to go Nina too. The haircuts look great. I might have to bring Kyle over :)

nana said...

Such a cute picture of Jeff. I can't get over how fast they're all growing up!! I love them all so much.