Monday, June 22, 2009


Me , Jenn, and Belinda on my first girls trip with friends and first time at Yosemite.
Not a lot of wild life so it was cool to see and I had to take a picture. Almost all the wild life we saw, I got them on film (some deer, squirrels, and birds). It was a really short trip there and back when you don't have a car full of kids. We never listened to the radio. There was just too much to say! We stayed for 2 days and that was perfect for me. I didn't have to worry about the kids and Jenn + Belinda are in such great shape I would have died if I went on another hike. They were totally fine and I was so soar.
This was a Difficult hike for me to Yosemite falls but to in shape people it was a "nice hike":) Jenn and Belinda's love for Yosemite was catching and I find myself wanting to go back every year with my family.
We got pretty close to the falls and did a little off-roading to get closer.

See that little speck in the upper-left hand corner? Someone was actually going across the falls on a rope. There are no climbing restrictions in Yosemite!

Maybe next time when I'm not pregnant I will hike Half Dome.

Mirror lake was beautiful. The hike was really easy but after having gone on a hard hike the day before and a day of bike riding, anything seemed hard.
Jenn contemplating going over the rock slide instead of going back...Belinda said that she was fine scaling rocks but she didn't trust the pregnant lady...we walked back.

Yosemite was so awe inspiring I felt a great spiritual awakening. It didn't make me feel insignificant among God's creations. It made me think that if God spent this much time contemplating down to the atom how awesome and what a masterpiece this place would be..What a great amount went in to putting me here at this place and this time?

My purpose as well as all our purposes must be great indeed. Down to the Atom!


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TheKeilShpeel said...

What a fun girl trip. It's soo beautiful there.

Mandy said...

Is that Jenn M?! I thought she moved???? What a fun trip for you ladies!

Gabriela Hull said...

I'm glad you got to go. I'm sure it was a nice break from painting! I"m glad you're doing well.