Thursday, May 21, 2009

These are the moments!

These are the moments that make being a Mom seem like I am actually doing something. My daughter this morning made her own breakfast!!! She didn't have to ask me how to do a thing. She just did it! I am so proud of her. Her younger brother even asked if he could learn. That is my goal as a mother! To prepare them to be self sufficient, self reliant and able to function in the world on their own as good righteous people!!!

Yesterday Charlotte was a Winkie in the Wizard of Oz play. She certainly is a little pixie and full of sweetness and energy! After the play she wanted to go to The Habit. I have no idea why they love it sooo much. It has OK food for outrageous prices. You walk into an upscale fast food joint and they charge you Elephant Bar prices! Insane! Anyways, she loved it and I choked on the price!I finished a pair of earrings and necklace for a friend who is sadly moving away at the end of the month. Lisa is soooo sweet, real, down to earth and just fun to be around. We are soooo going to miss her and her cute family.

When Sam got home we made homemade donuts together. He liked it so much that he wants to make them for his How To class presentation! Thanks Heather for the idea for CraftersGuru post idea!Here it is Facebook friends. I finally figured out how to make the brownie wands. I baked the brownies (added an extra egg to make it less gooey and more dense and cake like), let them cool and then pressed a star cookie cutter into it and gently pulled out the brownie star. I then tried to coat the entire thing with candy melts but felt like it was too messy, didn't really adhere to the sides and used to much candy melts. So I just melted the candy in a pastry bag, cut off the tip and piped it on the top of the star. I then quickly added sprinkles and the heart center. The candy sticks were too thick (I did something else with those), so I used white sticks and inserted them gently into the center of the brownie star and secured it with candy melts at the base. I wrapped it in a clear bag and tied it with curling ribbon (seriously the curling ribbon took most of the time, I would just curl 3 strips instead of 6). she loved them sooo much they were off to school the next day. She told me that everyone would be jealous because every one else just brought treat bags and cupcakes. These were new and cool! (How sweet is that little girl).

So with the left over Candy sticks I added royal icing flowers (I had made these a couple of weeks ago for cakes) and attached it to the stick with royal icing leaves. These will be for her class at church (they will take a few days to dry). So needless to say that I was tired by the end of the day! And Oh! One more major accomplishment for the day. This is big because it rarely happens. I made an actual grown-up dinner last night. It was baked potatoes, veggies, and ribs! my kids thought it was cool! I've been making quick and easy stuff (or survival night meals) for far too long.

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Nikki said...

I am exhausted hearing everything you did! And your pregnant on top of everything? How do you do it? Those were some super cool creative ideas!