Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Home School

Charlotte's first attempt at writing her name in cursive!!! They do not do printing at ABEKA, only cursive from the beginning.Art class taught her how to make a cute bunny with grass and carrots to color!
Here's my little Miss Independent working hard :)
Scott is excited and fully engaged! No wondering off into space or stubbornly not finishing work. Yes, it's only day one but it gives me hope :)
Sam getting the job done and with a smile on his face! WOW!!! Hope it lasts :)

Our official start date wasn't until next Monday but we just couldn't wait any longer!!! Once my husband (the computer genius) set up all of the computers the kids wanted to start...Right then! I let them check out a lesson and then told them we would do a trial run Thursday and Friday. I wanted to find our groove and work out all the kinks.
So far it has been work (I can't sit around and do my own thing at all. Not even for a moment because I am checking on them, answering questions,getting them ready for the next lesson, occupying Jack and/or sitting in and being with them as they are taught their lessons) but it's been really nice! The first thing my 9 year old son said was that the teachers are all so happy and nice!
I have to help the two younger ones the most but my 11 and 13 year old need little to no help. I just have to correct their work and answer questions here and there. They also can rewind the video if they missed something.
It's only the first day but I am really pleased!
We started off with a little meeting of what needed to be done before school starts at 8 am. That included breakfast, rooms picked up, beds made (because someone is doing school in that room and need a clean environment around them), dressed from head to toe as if they were going to school (I think it helps them get in the right frame of mind), hair brushed, and teeth brushed.
To start off school we have family prayer and scripture study. Then they go off to their computers and get their books to start class. They get a break at 11:30 for lunch and a little running around for about 20-30 minutes. Then off to finish the rest of the classes and homework. They'll all be done with class/classwork and homework as early as 12:30 and as late as 3:00. It depends on how fast they do their work. Then they have the rest of the day to play and relax. I told them that when everyone is done with their work for the day that they can have 1 hour to play a video game or TV. The rest of the time has to be filled with chores, reading, drawing, or playing in/outside.
That's our day so far! It sounds perfect and has been running smoothly but it's only day one! I hope it continues :)
All those people (including the Valencia Valley receptionist) that said I was crazy... Hah!!! And there were a LOT!!! So far it's a lot better than stressful public school that makes me feel like a terrible parent for having so many kids. They are respectful, kind, hard working, and have a desire to follow Jesus Christ and choose the right! I call that wonderful having a lot of kids :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Filling Our Home With Art

Since I changed the colors of our home I had the children change some of the art we had on the walls to better suit our new decor! So for a couple of hours they worked on some fun and colorful art. Some (they will be remain nameless) did not want to be photo graphed because their hair did not look beautifully coiffed. I am buying frames today and will post the final results :)
Jack enjoyed painting so much that he wanted to work on it more the next day. He is sooo ready for the pre-school activities that I have planned for him through ABEKA books! I am so excited to start him when the books arrive!