Monday, July 30, 2007


Jack Has a Tooth!!!

Nina asked if he was old enough to have teeth and then said that she felt one. Sure enough he has a tooth! Out little boy is growing up too fast! He sits up on his own, scoots backwards, goes up on his hands and knees and rocks, makes raspberries (just started that yesterday), says momma and dadda and recognizes dadda for his Daddy! We even have him in his own bed for part of the night!
Making Room For Baby!
We re-arranged the boys room so it would feel less crowded now that the port-a-crib is in there too!

Company's Coming! Hurry and Clean!
That's one way to get my kids to clean! Scott makes the best P&J! He made lunch while everyone else cleaned!

My First Digi Scrapbook Page!

Mandy came over to teach me how to digital scrapbook! I am so excited and a little over whelmed! It is so much to take in at once but I can't wait to toss out my old scrapbooking stuff and have less clutter!
My big sis' inspired me and the girls! They asked me to make doll clothes for their new dolls. Nina went in the garage, got out the fabric and was ready to go! I am a bit rusty but the concept and pattern was created fairly quickly (it's not a difficult pattern to make up...I was not about to go crazy). It turned out really cute and Charlotte now wants another dress tomorrow! I doubt that, with preparing and having scouts tomorrow!!!

The girls wanted a mexican flair for a hair pretty!

Rick Mows The Lawn
Rick was so awesome! He helped me on the computer, with the baby while Mandy was over,move furniture around, cleaned the house with the kids and I, made frappes, fixed lights, yard work....What a stud!!!

Sam plays around with the camera!

He took the pix of me today! He's only 6 yrs. He's pretty good! I think the mouth shot is cool!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I made a cake and cookies for a work party! The extra chocolaty cake was a hit and as I walked out the door with the last piece left....snagged! The kids had fun on the jumper outside (man it was hot) and we enjoyed adult company!

Jack-Jack even tried out the bouncer!

Then off to Jennifer's for a family get together! It was great to swim and see everyone! We missed you:) The kids had fun visiting with Grandma Jana and their Great Aunts, Uncles and cousins!

Jennifer, Janelle and Paul feed baby Jack!
Grandma Jana with Scott and Shoo-Shoo :)

Look how much your baby has grown!
What a "Great Uncle" Robby playin' with Scott and Charlotte!

Nina and Sam play with there cuz'!

Uncle Paul took this picture of Sabrina! She has brown hair! Wow! Hot Momma :)

Jack just loved Jennifer! He even snuggled up to her and let her hold him most of the day!!! That was a first!


We were invited to play games and have dinner at The Hatches! It was really fun! Our kids get along so well that they went off and played while we, the adults. played Jungle Uno! After that we just talked! Wow! Imagine that! Adults able to put 2 sentences together without interruption! It was miraculous:) We had such a good time that we didn't realize it was 10:30pm!

Nina finished dinner and started to take some pix!

Friday, July 27, 2007

The day started off early with Sam waking up with a fever! I Hate Fevers!!! I get so paranoid! It was off to the shower to cool him off with a dose of Motrin and then a cool rag on the head while he watched a movie! Yet another day with little sleep!

Jack snuggles up to Nina!
The girls have been so helpful this past week that I decided to let them pick out a toy! They picked out baby dolls! They helped (the boys helped a little too) clean the house for the Missionaries! We had them over for dinner.
The thing about letting kids help clean is you have to let the quality bar drop a bit until they get the hang of it! I am hoping that it can be raised in a few years! Also managing the kids is harder than just doing it myself but I have to persevere if I want them to someday be self sufficient!

Nina and Charlotte with their new dolls!

The Girls Help Clean!

Jack-Jack loves to play on his piano!


Doctor Day

Jack and I went to urgent care today (because I didn't want to go to two separate appointments), because of the thrush and I thought that maybe his ear infection was back. He hardly slept and I had major insomnia because of it and got 1 1/2 hours sleep! Well the doctor said he was fine and gave him thrush medication but I had it bad as well as a secondary infection! No wonder why I wanted to die every time he wanted to nurse and boy does he love to nurse! That is why he was up all night; because I refused to nurse him through the night!

So this picture is when we went to the pharmacy! This is his FIRST time in the cart seat! I always carry him or he is in his car seat! Well it didn't last long and I was back to holding a 24 lb. 7 1/2 old baby! Yeah! You can say that again! He is a lug!

Nina had a friend over and we did some painting!

Sam did the eye part and I did the rest! I don't know why but I really like this painting! Nina did the circles and I like that one too! Pretty soon I won't want to paint over them. I'm saving these 2 for a while!

Charlotte paints a flower and Sam plays with the palette! We only have a few colors left to work with but I thought it went well!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tuesday Primary Bike Rodeo

The kids woke up late for the rodeo but insisted on going for the 20 minutes left! So I drove them with bikes and all! They had a fun time! It's just frustrating for me to try and get out the door with 5 kids in a very short amount of time! Look at Sam.. always the tease! And Charlotte...cute as a bug! Scott always tries so hard to obey (both him and Nina really try hard..I hope it rubs off).

I found a baby lizard in my watering bucket and had to show the kids! Scott had it scampering up his arm, down his back and down his leg! It was really funny!

Beach Day
I had the kids clean up the house a little bit to "earn" the beach! Nina wanted it bad and ended up doing most of it! Thanks Nina:) She got a friend over and extra treats! Mom takes care of those that take care of me:)
For the most part it was fun! I'll skip the frustrating parts because who needs to remember them! The kids got a kick out of me writing their names and messages in sunscreen!

All the kids boogie boarded! They are getting better at it! Even Charlotte is doing it! ( I gotta get more than just one board!) It's so fun to watch them! I can't wait 'til Jack gets older and I can do it with them! This inactivity (holding baby) is killing me but I try to cherish this time because it won't be long 'til "babyhood" is over!

Scott and I made rice crispy treats again! It is so fun, quick (takes less than 10 minutes with mini marshmallows) and yummy! Why would anyone buy the pre-packaged ones...home made are way better!

Easy-No-Fuss Recipe for:

Rice Crispy Treats

I just mix 1 bag of mini marshmallows with 1 stick of butter, melt butter then add marshmallows and mix (when marshmallows are pretty much smooth-semi lumpy) add rice crispy's to desired gooeyness( I usually add 1/2- 3/4 of box) and then I mix it all up...put it on greased wax paper and let cool. Forget the squares! Mine are so gooey I make them into balls!

The kids made a mini jacuzzi by the shore! When the tide came up it filled up and the kids had their own mini jacuzzi!

This was Jack's messiest day at the beach! He ate sand and played in it! He was a mess and since we are attached..I was as well!

He's crawling

At least in the final stages of almost doing it! Yesterday he got on his knees! UH-Oh! I am in for it because even with out crawling, he rolls and scoots to everything he can reach! He pulls on chords, pulls down anything (like my candle stick by the fire place..that is now history)...I told Rick he will be after his beloved electronics! The red light gets 'em every time!